Cancer Treatment & Survival

Some people believe that having cancer means they will die, but that’s not always true. Many people live long, healthy lives after cancer treatment.

Improvements in screening tests (examinations that look for early cancer), early detection (finding the cancer early when it is smaller and not causing any problems), and cancer treatment are things that allow more people to live following cancer.

One very important part of surviving cancer is finding it early. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better chances are for living a long life following a cancer.

Resources for Mouth and Throat Cancer Treatment

This comprehensive site provides information on treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy as well as findings from current research and clinical trials about head and neck cancer treatments.

This is a service from the National Cancer Institute to help people with oral cancer and thier families better understand this disease.

This Web site, from the National Cancer Institute, can immediately answer additional questions you may have about head and neck cancer and can provide smoking cessation assistance through online chats and a direct phone line, 1-800-4-CANCER.

Resources for Survival

The Cancer Survivor Program is a multidisciplinary clinical, educational, and research program for cancer survivors of all ages who have completed therapy and have been cancer-free for at least two years.

This is the oldest survivor-led cancer advocacy organization in the country, advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans and empowering cancer survivors.

The FCRP is Florida’s legislatively mandated, population-based, statewide cancer registry. It is the single largest, population-based cancer incidence registry in the nation.

Mouth and Throat Cancer Treatment Facilities in Florida

Below, you will find a list of places to go that offer mouth and throat cancer treatment in Florida. This list is just for your convenience and may not cover all cancer treatment centers in Florida.

If you wish to suggest we add a link to a facility that offers comprehensive care to head and neck cancer patients, please send an e-mail to