For Health Professionals

Photo of dentist examining X rayThe Southeast Center for Research to Reduce Disparities in Oral Health is focused on improving prevention, early detection, and survival of head and neck cancer among underserved and vulnerable individuals. The following list of online resources may help you learn more about head and neck cancer and head and neck cancer disparities.

Oral Cancer Information

ADA statement on HPV and Cancers of the Oropharynx – ADA information, and guidelines on screenings and education for patients.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) – A comprehensive guide to oral and pharyngeal cancer including signs and symptoms, illustrations, risk factors, treatments, statistics, etc.

Detecting Oral Cancer: A Guide for Health Professionals – This is a National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research guide including information about incidence and survival, importance of early detection, warning signs, what you can do for your patients, information about oral exams (including photos), suspicious oral lesions reviews, and exam reviews.

Helping Smokers Quit: A Guide For Clinicians – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides a concise, useful guide for clinicians to help patients quit smoking.

Merck Manual Information about Oral Growths – Contains information including the etiology, classification, evaluation and treatment of oral growths.

National Cancer Institute Oral Cancer Facts – A great resource for health professionals. Includes information on specific oral cancer sites and a searchable database of oral cancer research.

Oral Cancer Foundation YouTube Site – A set of videos that cover diverse topics such as the role of the dental hygienist in oral cancer exams and public service messages by oral cancer survivors such as Michael Douglas and Jack Klugman.

Oral Cancer Screening

NIDCR Oral Cancer Examination Video – This video shows what happens during an oral cancer examination.

NIDCR Oral Cancer Exam Photographs – Step by step photos of an oral cancer exam.

The Oral Cancer Foundation –  Information includes the history, application, instruments used and a detailed explanation of the oral cancer examination.

Oral Cancer Publications

National Cancer Institute Publications- The National Cancer Institute has several free publications that can be ordered or printed out at no cost.

NIDCR Oral Health Publications – The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) has several booklets on head and neck cancer for both patients and health professionals that can be read or ordered free of charge at this site.

Additional Resources

Resources for Researchers- The Southeast Center for Research to Reduce Disparities in Oral Health provides additional information about oral health disparities and oral health research.

Resources for Patients and the Public- The Southeast Center for Research to Reduce Disparities in Oral Health also provides a guide for patients and the public guiding them to the most important information for their health.

Note on Head and Neck Cancer Screening during Emergency Dental Visits

Since underserved individuals may first see a dentist during emergency dental procedures, a comprehensive head and neck cancer screening exam, which only takes a few minutes, should be performed at the time of the emergency visit.